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Solar Spectrum Ltd

Solar Panel PV Installations

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Landlord Mick Nevard had a 3.84kWp Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panel system installed on to one of his buy to let properties, generating the properties own electricity. This was an initial stand alone pilot project to assess financial feasibility for the rest of his property port folio.

Gill and Tom (Mick’s tenants), were already living in the property when the system was installed.
“We were always conscious of our rising electricity bills, so we were delighted when our landlord suggested installing a solar PV system.  The peace of mind this brought to us by 'future proofing’ our energy bills against rising fuel prices was such a relief! The actual installation was fast and straightforward, with no mess and very little disruption to our normal daily routine.”

Mick Nevard (Landlord)
“From a business point of view, by effectively renting out my roof, and receiving the payment from the Feed in Tariff Scheme to create an additional income is a no brainer.  This seems a much more cost effective way for a return on my investment, than a full refurbishment to raise more income. The system has no moving parts, so there's no real maintenance to worry about.
Also from a marketing point of view I see a big bonus in that when everyone else's electricity prices are going up, my tenants are not, making my rental property cost less to live in and more attractive to future tenants!
Another advantage open to me would be to offset a small percentage of my Feed in Tariff payments against my monthly rental rates. This will allow me to offer a lower rental fee than my competitors whilst still keeping the same yield. A rare win win situation.

I was also very impressed with the company Solar Spectrum, who surveyed my property and installed the system. The Feed in tariff is guaranteed for 25 years, so I wanted to use tried and tested products on my property, along with excellence workmanship to last the test of time, which I feel confident to say is what I got. There end-to-end installation service simplified and managed the entire process on my behalf.
In the New Year I am planning to roll out my Solar PV investment to my other properties.”

Mick Nevard

Property developer and Landlord


Mr & Mrs Feakins had a modest 2.35kWp Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panel system installed on their home .

Mrs Feakins said "I wasn't sure how many panels I could have fitted on our 3 bedroom semi, but I'm absolutely delighted with our solar panel system. The installation was so quick and easy, with no mess at all. The panels blend in nicely with my roof, and as the system has no moving parts there's no maintenance to really worry about.

Apart from the immediate fuel savings we will benefit from, the investment wasn’t really for me and my husband, as we are now retired, but more for my son and our grandchildren.  I will be reinvesting the energy payments I receive in to my grand children’s college fund. Then once we have gone, my son can take advantage of the free electricity the system will be generating over the next 40+ years.

 I was impressed with the Solar Spectrum, they were easy to talk to and very professional.  I've become a bit of a green evangelist now, where I wasn’t before, and I'm now telling all my friends about my solar panels!”


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