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If you are a homeowner you can receive the full benefits with a Solar System installed By Solar Spectrum. earn money from the Feed-in Tariff (FiT)scheme by generating electricity. Save money by using the electricity you generate instead of buying from a power company and make even more money by selling any excess electricity you generate.

If you have a detached property, semi - detached or a bungalow, flat roof or pitched there is a solar energy system for you.

Some of the Benefits of installing a solar energy system on your property are:

  • A tax free income linked to the RPI (Retail Price Index); government guaranteed for 20 years.
  • Your solar energy system will start to pay you back on day one.
  • The VAT you pay will be only 5 % (saving you 15% VAT) on your Solar PV system purchase
  • You will have a hedge against rising electricity prices.

So why not keep your money on your roof, it’s as safe as houses.

The FiT payment is a guaranteed amount for all customers for 20 years. This rate has the ability to rise throughout this period to keep in line with the cost of living.

This information is intended only to be an indication on your return on investment, and does not constitute provision of financial advice.